Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Late at night, in the quiet and the dark, alone and unable to sleep, I ask a host of questions. I pose them to the nothingness surrounding me. I pose them to some concept of god or the universe or some measure of my own intelligence. Sometimes, answers arrive, like a surprise email in my Inbox from a distant cousin.  Who answers?  What part of me brings them forth, or do they emanate from something external?

Who am I, really? Why am I here (on Earth)? What lies inside me? What is there without me? How shall I live? Who cares?

Sometimes, I must content myself with the mystery of the question. Answers elude me, or they are too nebulous or they seem nonsensical or there are too many answers. In confusion and sadness, I table my internal dialogue and hope for another chance to ask the questions and find the answers.  I warm myself with this beautiful, incomprehensible mystery: knowing will be revealed some day.

And so, in this 26-item blog, I imprint a few of my nighttime questions and a few answers that I seem to understand.  Read one a day during the month, taking a break one day a week for rest.  Or take one a week for a half-year journey, and let these concepts roll around in your mind.  I do not claim that they are correct or ultimate truth or commands from deity. Like a mystery, they are here for you to ponder during your own late night musings.

I speak in terms of useful models, that is, useful for me.  The models make some sense to me and seem to bring meaning.  When I send forth a concept, I cast it in the form of my subjective reality. I wrote this blog in response to an atheist (for lack of a better word) who is a dear friend of mine. I cast it into the ethersphere as part of the 26-day 2014 A to Z Challenge[1].  Take what you like for your reality, and leave the rest.

-- Pete